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Model En-7660 dewpoint instrument adopt high performance of dewpoint measurement transmitter and microprocessor technology. With LCD display, functions of upper and lower limit alarm, standard signal output, as well as relay contact alarm output etc. It can be used in continuously measuring normal pressure dewpoint and absolutely humidity(ppm.)

Instrument features :

- Very excellent long-term performance
- Auto-calibration procedure for low dewpoint measurement
- Long calibration interval saves maintenance costs
- Withstands condensation, dust, dirt and splashed water
- With dewpoint value or ppm for display unit
- English or Chinese menu and easy to operate
- Big screen lattice liquid crystal display to indicate normal pressure dewpoint temperature,
- data, time etc.
- Upper and lower limit alarm point to be set freely within whole measuring range.
- With record function without paper, automatic record of changing curve of dewpoint temperature.
- Automatic data storage function, time interval to store data set by the user.
- 0 – 10 or 4 – 20mA isolated signal output.
- RS232C communication interface, it can be connected to series printer or computer to realize bi-directional communication.

Technical indicators :

Measurement range: -80°C~+20°C
Accuracy: ±3°C
Response time: ? 60s (typical)
Output: 0 ~ 10mA (0 ~ 1.6kΩ) Or 4 ~ 20mA (0 ~ 800Ω)
Power supply: 220VAC ± 22VAC, 50Hz ± 1Hz
Alarm contacts: 220VAC / 1A
Ambient Temp: 0 ~ 40°C
Sample flow rate: 1.2 ~ 1.5L / min.
Sample pressure: ?0.2Mpa
Contour dimension: 144 x 144 x 250mm (H x W x L )



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