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Air Filter

KL filter provides high quality compressed air for users, was sold in more than 20 countries and districts, can ultimately remove compressed air pollutants, (such as oil , water and dust etc.). Help the factory to get the higher quality compressed air.

Air filter has a relatively smaller flow capacity, ranging from 0.7m3/min to 23m3/min, and it has some outstanding features as listed below.

1. The filter element takes advantage of aeronautic diversion technology, and the air inlet shows a smooth 90° elbow which cuts down bad influence of turbulence and pressure loss to a large extent.
2. A cone-shaped flow diffuser is placed at the bottom of filter element, so the filtering area is enlarged.
3. This compressed air filter uses imported high quality glass fiber, and the bayonet installation makes it easy to change the filter element.
4. For the product whose grade is 400 or above, the inlet connection is larger. Thus, the resistance of filter element is lowered, and the installation is also easier.

Specification Table

Class C:Main pipe dust filter 3micron 3ppm (oil remain)
Class T:Main pipe oil/water filter1 micron 1 ppm
Class A:High efficient oil filter 0.01 micron 0 .0011 ppm
Class F:Super high efficient oil filter 0.01 micron 0.001 ppm
Class H:Activated carbon micro oil moisture filter 0.01 micron 0.003ppm

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