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ADL Series Normal Inlet Temperature Refrigerant Air Dryer

Clean and dry compressed air is important in applications where moisture or contamination can cause system corrosion, damage to pneumatic tools or degradation of products or processes that come in contact with compressed air.

The ADL series normal temperature refrigerated air dryer is configured with the shell and tube heat exchanger for optimum performance and low pressure drop. Its flow capacity ranges from 0.7 to 130m³/min.

Standard Operating Condition

Nominal Ambient Temperature 38 C
Normal Inlet Air Temperature 38 C
Normal Inlet Air Pressure 7 barg
Pressure Dew Point 5 C
Maximum Ambient Temperature 55 C
Maximum Inlet Air Temperature 45 C
Maximum Inlet Air Pressure 14 barg

1. Power Supply: 220V±10%/1Ph/50Hz, 380V±10%/3Ph/50Hz. 60Hz is available on request.
2. Refrigerant: The normal temperature refrigerated air dryer with the model of ADL-5F and ADL-10F are supplied with R134a refrigerant. The refrigerant for the products with the model of ADL-20F and above is R407C.
3. The products with the model of ADL-150F to ADL-1000F are available with water-cooled version.
4. All this series products can be designed with larger flow capacity.

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